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"The wonderfully-shot short film And Nothing Happened focuses on a young woman named Naima (played gorgeously by first-time director Naima Ramos-Chapman) as she goes through her morning routine—while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a sexual assault. Ramos-Chapman pulls us into her world of trauma and coping with moments of magical realism. Continuing in the tradition of subversive cinema, with this film Slamdance showed its dedication to voices that the mainstream often overlooks.Here we see the genesis of a very promising and very talented filmmaker, whose voice we so desperately need to hear.-FANDOR

“As a woman you’re instructed by society to walk through this world on edge but once you’ve been raped there’s this feeling that you have completely fallen off the cliff. Patriarchy has pushed you off it and there is no going back,” said Ramos-Chapman. ”And Nothing Happened is about this cliff, this surrealist chasm where the psycho-spiritual world is that nobody can see exists. Where past, present, and the future of what happened to you somewhat collide in space. ”


"'And Nothing Happened' is the best short this writer has seen all year."

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Ramos-Chapman's Short Receives Rooftop Films Support 

“The Rooftop Filmmakers Fund grant committee was blown away by the quality of applicants this year, and the projects we selected feature powerful personal stories and bold political statements—often within the same film,” said Dan Nuxoll, Artistic Director of Rooftop Films. “In a year full of confusing twists and turns, we are excited to be supporting several films that speak with bold clarity to the issues of our time, as well as delicate, playful and intimate films from a diverse group of Rooftop alumni filmmakers.”


Ramos-Chapman says“And Nothing Happened is an autobiographical account but it’s also a search for answers in how to articulate the emotional costs in the aftermath of rape. I hope the film understand how sexualized violence infects and interacts with all facets of our society from the bureaucracies and institutions that are designed to facilitate repair to the very mundane interactions we have with our families and ourselves in spaces deemed “safe.” I hope this film will offers healing and other ways to talk about how we can.” 


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